Oshima Yuko,

Thank you for everything. You are forever my kami oshi in the whole 48 group.

To many, you are merely a girl in AKB48. But to me, you are a legend.

I like everything about you: Your smile, your stage presence, your dancing, your aura, your goofy acts, your acting, your not-the-best-but-very-unique-and-stand-out voice, your variety skills, your leadership. But most of all, I like your fighting spirit. You never give up,
no matter how hard the challenges are.

I am truly sad since I will not be able to see you performing anymore. But…

Congratulations on your graduation. I know you will be a wonderful actress.

So from now on, just keep looking forward and running toward your goal. One day, I will proudly point to your picture while talking to others and say, “She is Oshima Yuko, an actress that represents Japan.”


Is this my sweet Nyahappi??? I need confirmation quick :(




I’m not sure if this is correct, but she said that it’s raining in now; nevertheless, she will go and see Yuko’s graduation.

Kinda sad because Togasaki just announced on his Google+ that the concert has been cancelled

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This is about the AKB48 Group Concert in the “NATIONAL OLYMPIC STADIUM” today. The concert has been cancelled due to bad weather. I will make an announcement regarding the details of this later to all the fans.
Even the weather is against Yuko’s graduation. I wonder what would happen now?

Huhmmm, I really want to see Kami 8 again on the same stage, especially when Yuko’s graduation concert is approaching. Maybe Kami 8 will be on the same stage that day. Of course, we will have Nyan, Yukirin, Takamina, and Mayuyu for sure already. But will Acchan, Mariko sama, Tomochin return as well? Yuko is very close to Mariko sama and Tomochin. Acchan was the ace of AKB and rival of Yuko. So I think there is a possibility that Acchan, Mariko sama and Tomochin would appear to send Yuko off.

And how about 2nd generation? Will they also come to send Yuko off as well? 2nd gen is always known for their bond. So there is no surprise if Sayaka, Chiyuu, Natsumi, Meetan, Noro, Sae, etc appear right?

OMGee, just think about it makes me excited as hell. Kami 8 and 2nd Gen on the same stage



The songs AKB’ll perform on Music Station this week

Maeshika Mukanee

Kyou made no Melody

Heavy Rotation

And this is the last time Yuko perfom on MS


It would be nice if it’s Yuko’s graduation song. But maybe it’s Not Yet’s new song. Or like another guy said, it could be the medley of all the songs they performed till now

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Sunny being 300% done with 2ne1’s shit

This is my reaction as well. I mean, we all know that SM is not strong in digital. 60% is a lot.


Sunny being 300% done with 2ne1’s shit

This is my reaction as well. I mean, we all know that SM is not strong in digital. 60% is a lot.

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Yes, right before a big shuffle. This is such a nice send-off for Yuko. Not only this is the most iconic song for AKB48, this also marks the first time Oshima Yuko stands at the center position. I’m so happy right now.




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Well, I don’t think I’m that lucky to be able to win. But who knows :)

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This is my favorite Yuko’s solo dance move. I also heard that most of her solo dance moves were improvised



This is my favorite Yuko’s solo dance move. I also heard that most of her solo dance moves were improvised

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Hi Yuko fans everywhere, the Japanese Yuko fans are currently out on a campaign to increase the view count of Heavy Rotation (HR)’s PV on Youtube to a 100 million views (Still 3 million counts away) as well as the sales count of HR’s single to 1 million copies (Still 140 thousand copies away) before her graduation.

Most of us foreign fans probably can’t contribute much to the HR sales but if you can, please purchase a copy through CDjapan or HMV for it to register under the sales count. And for the rest of us, the least we can do is help out with the views. 

Just a disclaimer here, unlike certain Korean music shows, there’s absolutely no incentive for increasing the views and neither Yuko nor AKB48’s gonna win some special award just because the view/sales count increase. Nevertheless, most probably, Yuko’s gonna be retreating from the music scene following her graduation so let’s take this as one of the final marks that she’s gonna leave in this industry before she graduates. 

There’s a lot of varying instructions out there on what contributes to a ‘real’ Youtube view and honestly, I don’t know what works. I have seen people mentioned refreshing the page works while others say you have to keep on searching for the video in the search bar + delete your view history constantly for it to register but whatever ways you believe in, just watch the HR video as many times as you can.

I included some basic instructions that people have offered will help to increase the YT view counts below the cut. Do spread the news!

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Oshima Yuko, the ace of AKB48

So finally you announced your graduation. A lot of people said it was too sudden, but I knew this day would come.

You did not even give people enough time to react, to burst into tears. Perhaps it was because you did not want people to cry and feel uneasy right, Yuko-san???

Even though people want to see another successor, the 2nd Oshima Yuko, nobody can ever be your successor. You are unique in many ways. You made history, and miracles in AKB48 that nobody could ever do it again.

As a 2nd generation member, you understood the pressure of living up to the expectations that 1st generation created. However, you and other team K members created a different image (a strong, powerful and “wild” image) to represent team K. At the beginning, you were not the chosen center, Sayaka and Sae were. But they decided to push you to be the representative of the 2nd generation, of team K. You did a wonderful job. You truly represented how team K should be.As a member of AKB48, you stood out because of your personalities, not by rely on your looks. You made history in AKB48 when you won over Maeda Atsuko in the 2nd sousenkyo. In Mechaike, you proved to others that you have both brain and muscle. I also doubt that I would need to tell other people how amazing, talented and funny you are in AKBINGO.

As a center of AKB in Heavy Rotation and Gingham Check, you did a spectacular job. Everybody knew how pressure and burden it would be to stand in the middle; yet, you handled that position with grace. I saw a lot of members who stood at that position; after that, a lot of them seemed to go under depression for a while, but NOT YOU. You always smiled and gave all you got on stage. Many people also did not like the idea of you being the center; the obvious reason was because you overshadowed other girls. Nobody could take their eyes off you when you stood at the center position. Your dance moves, your expression, but most of all, your bright smile captivated others’ hearts.

Not only that, you proved to me and many others that you are a respectable senpai. I predicted you would announce your graduation last year; nevertheless, you waited till now. You wanted to help your kouhai.

Oshima Yuko, you suffered and achieved a lot in AKB48. You already are the legend in AKB48 now. I think it is time for the world to know how awesome you are.




A Japanese fan asked me to do this long ago but since I know people usually don’t do anything unless we have a deadline.
So! Since we have a fixed date for Sayaka’s graduation now already, I guess it’s time to do this.


Messages include:

  • Name (nickname or real name or anything)
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Photo Set

You are forever my number 1. Please keep smiling

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My dear Oshima YUKO, you were smiling the whole time when you said your 2nd place speech, but I know it hurts a lot. Perhaps you were pretending to be alright like you were in 3rd sousenkyo and then cried in Mariko sama and Nyan Nyan’s arm. But I think in people eyes, AKB48’s center, if not Acchan, is you.

So this year, us fans failed to make you become the center, to see your smile and sit in that throne again. And I’m regretting not voting for you because I thought you would be center for sure.

But the past is the past. Next year, if you are still in AKB48, together with others, I will make your dream come true. That’s a promise!