Even though Nyan Nyan is not my kami oshi, I decided to giver her my vote this year. Last year, she said, “Among online comments for me,  some people wrote, “It’s alright, Kojiharu will definitely increase .” or….  ”Because Kojiharu seems to be fine, I voted for another girl.”… I found a lot of comments like these, but I was not alright at all. So I figured that I want to be a girl who people think she is not fine without their support or a girl who people want to pull for.” And it is true, we all want to believe that she is fine on her own. But she is absolutely not. She is just like any other girls on Project48 that need our help. So people, if you can, please show your support to Nyan Nyan, one of the pioneers of the group, the original kami.

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    She’s my oshimen that why i vote for her. Still i don’t agree with those comment. If we kept thought that she’s alright...
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